The Ballad of Human Mutations is an artwork by Aliteia.

The Ballad of Human Mutations wants to be a manifesto for non-conforming bodies designed to assimilate new aesthetic values in contemporary society. The aim of the project is in fact to create a revolutionary myth of the different and fragile starting from the body: to be gifted new eyes to incorporate everything that goes beyond our own personal standards and live it as a resource, seizing the authentic beauty of the human being. Therefore, the purpose is to rewrite the codes of non-perfection as novel social values and criteria of judgement.

Artist Aliteia introduces art to a project centred around Charcot-Marie-Tooth, the most common hereditary neuropathy, yet simultaneously a rare and not well-known disease, that the artist considers a common trait in her family. Art becomes a means of knowledge and transformation, although above all of beauty understood as a perfect and constant balance between imperfections.

Aliteia has succeeded in her primary intent to immortalize the turmoil of all the people involved and photographed in the course of the Circle, a performative practice established by the artist, which guides the participants towards the acceptance and achievement of the maximum expression of themselves. Thus, the photographs on display become a testimony of how anyone can obtain the courage to overcome shame and live their true selves, without hiding. Concurrently, through performative artistic practice, she has been able to create an extra-ordinary atmosphere in which to feel fully free, showing the inner and outer world without borders and without fear of prejudice.

The Ballad wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of ACMT-Rete.

2023 Fabbrica del Vapore, Alveare Culturale, Milano, Italy

2024 Villa Borromeo Fantoni, San Giorgio in Brenta, Padova, Italy

2024 GAMC Villa Franceschi, Riccione, Italy

2024 CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo, Venezia, Italy 

the curator

Alisia Viola

photo and video

Elena Andreato

visual graphic

Alice Bianco, Eva Baggio, Gian Pancrazio Pala

interior design

Paolo Giacomazzi con Ginevra Conchetto